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  • Point Buy – 27 points. You must have at least one ability at level 1 with a negative modifier
  • Choose one campaign trait or racial trait and one additional trait, you may take up to two Hindrances to take two additional Traits.
  • Boseku is a place where magic is rare and dangerous. Spellcasting classes are not available. Races with spell like abilities may or may not be allowed to Gm discretion
  • We will be Honor and Honor points as well as Fame and of course the Dueling rules
  • Available Races and Classes are noted below. They are organized here by rarity. You may choose any class or from the list regardless of rarity. Classes with spellcasting features may be taken but must be of an archetype without casting levels

Races of Boseku

Common Uncommon Rare Mythic
Humans Elves Hobgoblins Fetchlings
Halflings Orcs Changelings Tiefling
Half-Orcs Gnomes Kitsune Aasimar
Half-Elves Kobolds Tengu Dhampir
Dwarves Goblins Ratfolk Samsaran


Common Uncommon Rare Mythic
Fighter Bard Swashbuckler Alchemist
Samurai Ninja Slayer Cavalier
Gunslinger Barbarian Brawler Voyageur
Rogue Ranger Monk Bounty Hunter

Home Page

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